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About the HSS Graduate Student Orientation Wiki

The purpose of this wiki is to provide a comprehensive orientation and reference guide to Memorial graduate students, particularly graduate students in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS).

History of the wiki

The idea of a graduate student orientation wiki was conceived by the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Graduate Student Council in 2015-16. A PhD student in Philosophy, Shannon O'Rourke, installed and configured the wiki, and on August 16, 2016, several members of the HSS Graduate Student Council began to flesh out the wiki. The contributors so far include Elahe Nezhadhossein (Sociology), Kelly Brewer-Balch (Master of Employment Relations), Melanie Hurley (English), Samantha Bokma (Gender Studies) and Mariana Hernandez Hernandez (Linguistics). The other members of the 2015-16 HSS Graduate Student Council also contributed ideas for the wiki's content and structure.

About the HSS Graduate Student Council

The Humanities and Social Sciences Graduate Student Council was created in the 2014-15 academic year, with representatives from each Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences graduate program. Check out the HSS Graduate Student Council page for more details.

About the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

HSS graduate student programs are listed on the HSS Graduate Studies webpage. Each month HSS features a Graduate Student of the Month. We also feature stories about graduate students, graduate studies, and research on our main page, on Facebook (Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Memorial University) , and on Twitter (MUN_HSS, @MemorialHSS) .

Campus Maps, Personal Safety, Building Accessibility

  • Interactive Campus Map
    • This map also provides information about accessibility: click on 'St. John's Campus', and then 'Wheelchair accessibility'.
  • The Memorial Students' Union (MUNSU) offers a program called WalkSafe/Drive Safe in St. John's. This gives people a safe way to get home from classes or the library after dark. Call WalkSafe at 864-6464.
  • The Campus Enforcement and Patrol page has more information about personal safety
  • Emergency phones: on campus, look for the blue towers that resemble phone booths: these are emergency phones. The campus tunnel system (Munnel) also has emergency phones.

Where to go for


Most banks have a student plan, which usually means free banking services so long as you provide proof of enrolment. Be sure to ask about it.

Scotia Bank

Scotia Bank offers free membership with proof of enrolment for students. They also are a member of the ATM Alliance, which means they have thousands of partners all over the world that allow you to use your card in many other countries (at partner banks) without interbank fees. Some examples of this partnership are with Deutsch Bank in Germany, or Barclay's in England. Furthermore they have a partnership with Scene, a cinema rewards program that is active at the local cinema, as well as across Canada. For more information please see the links below.

Toronto Dominion (TD)

Royal Bank (RBC)

Presidents Choice (PC)

Presidents Choice is a no fee banking provider, whether you are a student or not. They offer free banking services with no monthly fees, including free cheques. You earn loyalty points if you shop at Dominion grocery stores. There are many benefits to this branch, but a downside is that there are no tellers. Banking is done either online or via a phoneline. There is an initial contact point in the Dominion (Superstore elsewhere in Canada) to setup account and get banking cards.


Drivers licence/car registration

In order to get a driver licence or registry a vehicle in Newfoundland you will need to go to the registry office. The closest office to St. John's is the one in Mount Pearl. Hour of operation (Monday-Friday) 8:00am - 4:30pm.


Main Grocery Stories

  • Dominion There are three locations in St. John's.
  • Colemans There is only one location in St. John's.
  • Costco There is only one location in Newfoundland, and luckily it is in St. John's. Great place for fresh produce, especially in the winter.
  • Belbins (expensive, quality food, wide selection of cheeses)
  • Bulk Barn (dry goods)
  • Shopper’s Drug Mart (pharmacy and convenience)
  • Lawton’s (pharmacy and convenience)

Campus food bank:

“To utilize the Food Bank, students must provide their MCP number or, in the case of out-of-province students, a student number will suffice. The Food Bank can be reached by phone at 737-3467 or by email at"

Shopping Hints

  • Sobey’s and some Dominion (food stores) offer 10% student discounts on Tuesdays
  • Lawtons (pharmacy) offers 10% student discounts daily
  • Walmart delivers for $5 if you spend over $20
  • Belbin’s delivers for $5
  • Coleman's delivers


The most important thing to consider in renting a place off-campus, if you do not drive, is that it would be better to be as close to the campus as possible; and also somewhere close to a grocery shopping store such as Sobeys, or Shoppers or any convenience store. It is also important to be close (short walking distance) to a bus stop.

10 to 20 minutes walking distance from the campus is walkable during the winter.

There are some companies that rent houses and apartments that provide legal contracts, that can be the best option for people who know how many months they want to rent a place (their contracts are usually between 6 to 12 month). It is also a nice option, if available, for families or individuals to know their roommates before renting the place.

Rooms rentals, apartments and houses for short term or long term can be also found on Kijiji (a type of Craigslist).

Some of the houses' landlords do not provide a renting contract or leases. The positive point of not having contract is that you can leave the house when you want, with at most 30 days notice. However, it should be considered also that if the landlords do not provide what they promised in the house, such as cleaning, or if they do not give your deposit back, there are not many ways to sue them.

MUN links

City of St.John's links

Residential Tenancies (Landlords and Tenants)

  • Small Claims Court: This should contain all of the requisite forms and information you will require to file a claim. However, This is not a criminal matter, therefore, the court cannot “convict” the landlord. The Court can, however, find that a debt is owed to you and your roommates and order the landlord to pay that debt.

Mental health services


MCP is Newfoundland's provincial medical care plan. Information on coverage can be found here.

For out of province students

  • To apply for MCP you need to complete an Application for Newfoundland and Labrador Healthcare Coverage form. The easiest way is to mail or fax the form to MCP, 45 Major's Path, PO Box 8700, St. John’s, NL, A1B 4J6, Fax: 709-758-1694. Faxing can generally be done at your department office or at "The Attic" in the University Centre.
  • If you are in Newfoundland solely for the purpose of studies you will likely be told to use your home province health care so long as you intend on returning to your home province after studies. Some provincial healthcare plans request that you notify them of your out-of-province status and provide them with a mailing address in Newfoundland.
  • Information on OHIP and studying out-of-province can be found here.

For international students

Physical health services

On campus

Off campus

  • There are medical centres (walk-in clinics, blood/test clinics), and emergency rooms in the hospitals. You can also call 911 in emergency, but you will be likely be charged for this service. Do call if it's an emergency!
  • There is a walk in clinic in the Blackmarsh Dominion.

Getting Connected

Telephone, cell phone, and internet access

Free computer access

Radio and television stations

How do I?

Apply for automatic payroll deduction

If you're a graduate student who's receiving funding from the university, and would like to have your tuition directly and bi-weekly deducted from your funding, then follow the next steps:

  1. Log on to ""
  2. Click on the "Students" tab at the top left corner
  3. In the "Self-Service" box (first box on the top left corner), click on "Launch Memorial Self-Service"
  4. On the next page, click on "Employee Services"
  5. On the next page, click on “Graduate Student Payroll Deduction Request"
  6. On the next page you'll be re-directed to a "Graduate Student Deduction Authorization form
  7. Accept and submit
  • Notice that if you're a new graduate student, you'll have to wait until the first day of classes to sign up for the automatic payroll deduction. However, the following semesters you'll be able to do it 24 hours after registering for courses.

For more information, go to

Find out about supplemental health insurance

Get paid

  • When you arrive at MUN in September (or earlier), talk to your department secretary or Grad Coordinator, to find out when you will be paid.
  • "When will I get paid?" At the bottom of this page, you'll find information about SGS's Payroll calendar (deadlines for submitting forms for student payroll) The 2016 payroll calendar is located at:
  • You should get funding from your graduate stipend ("SGS Baseline funding") on the first payroll date in September. If you were offered a GA-ship, you will probably start receiving that money in October.

Graduate Student Regulations

Important graduate regulations and dates

Teaching Assistants, Per-Course Instructors

  • Your rights and responsibilities are covered in the TAUMUN Collective Agreement, which is for “all graduate students employed as graduate teaching assistants, graduate assistants and graduate research assistants at the St. John's Campus of Memorial University of Newfoundland.”).
  • For per-course instructors and postdoctoral fellows who are paid through Memorial, the LUMUN Collective Agreement covers your rights and responsibilities. See LUMUN FAQ, and also.

Responsibilities of supervisors and graduate students

Dispute resolution and advocacy

  • For dispute resolution, you have several tools at your disposal, including
  • Otherwise, if you have a dispute with your supervisor or another faculty member, the general course of action is to first speak with him/her, then 'work your way up the food chain': speak with your Grad Coordinator and/or Department Head, and if the issue hasn't yet been resolved, make an appointment with the Associate Dean of HSS (Research and Graduate). His/her contact information is here.
  • Also check out the GSU guide to Conflict Resolution.
  • MUN Students' Union (MUNSU) advocacy website has good contact information (for undergraduates) about student rights and how to get help: including student code of conduct, student loan appeals, tuition fund appeals, residential issues (including Residential Tenancies regulations), legal aid, and sexual harassment

Ethics approval

  • Ethics: (ICEHR is the Interdisciplinary Committee on Ethics in Human Research).
  • Ethics applications and all ethics-related correspondence are now done entirely on-line. You have to access the forms through the Memorial Researcher Portal (, which uses your MUN login. When you go to the Memorial Researcher Portal, there many links to resources at the top of the page.
  • Please note that, in order to set up an account with ICEHR, you must complete the TCPS2 CORE (Course on Research Ethics) and provide a certificate of completion. Information about this requirement and how to meet it are on this page: It will take you about 5 hours to complete the Course on Research Ethics.

Academic integrity

Funding resources

  • SGS website for awards and scholarships.
  • To see a complete list of awards and scholarships by date, go to here, and click the search button without filling in any other information. This will get you a complete list of approximately 293 results. Check this every month.
  • The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences has a deadlines page for funding opportunities. (However, for graduate funding, the School of Graduate Studies website is more comprehensive.) Most major graduate scholarships are due at the Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences' Office before they are due at SGS. For information about such deadlines, please visit the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences website here, and scroll down to where it says "deadlines".
  • The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences has a "Research Funding Tracker" with research deadlines. The major SSHRC and NSERC graduate scholarship deadlines are listed here.

For travel

Procedure for MUN conference funding

GSU, SGS, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, and TAUMUN all provide conference funding for graduate students, primarily focused on students who are presenting posters or papers.

For Master's students:

  • GSU offers up to $250 per program.
  • SGS offers $200 for travel within the Atlantic region, $300 for travel to other parts of Canada and to the US, $400 for travel outside of North America.
  • Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences offers $250 per graduate student.
  • TAUMUN offers $50 per student for "all graduate students employed as graduate teaching assistants, graduate assistants and graduate research assistants at the St. John's Campus of Memorial University of Newfoundland.”

For PhD students:

  • GSU offers up to $500 per program ($250 maximum per conference)
  • SGS offers $200 for travel within the Atlantic region, $300 for travel to other parts of Canada and to the US, and $400 for travel outside of North America.
  • Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences offers $250 per graduate student, until the funding is used up.
  • TAUMUN offers $100 per student (as two non-concurrent awards) for "all graduate students employed as graduate teaching assistants, graduate assistants and graduate research assistants at the St. John's Campus of Memorial University of Newfoundland.”

In some cases, Departments and Supervisors will have additional funding to offer students for conferences. From the GSU, students are also eligible for up to $150 of their total amounts for relevant research trips, field trips, or conferences where they are not presenting.

Before Travel

Students must apply for this funding before travelling by completing the Graduate Student Request for Travel Assistance Form

The form requires signatures (in order) from students' Supervisor, Department Head, Dean, SGS, GSU, then TAUMUN. For students who cannot physically pickup and drop off the form at each location, you can ask the signer to send the form via internal mail to the next person on the list.

Note: This is an application for funding only, money will only be provided as a reimbursement after travel has been completed.

After Travel

To be reimbursed, students must complete the Travel Claim Form

As part of completing the form, students generally need to provide all receipts for accommodation, flights, taxis, and conference fees. For meals, you can use the Schedule of Reimbursable Expense amounts and do not need to provide receipts.

Speak to your department secretary about forwarding the form to the appropriate location, and expect to wait up to a month before receiving your cheque reimbursement.

Additional travel funding policies and information are here:

Living in St. John's

City services and information


Surviving winter in Canada


NL Public Library

Even though you may find all the articles and books that you need for your research in the library on campus, the public library is a nice resource for other kinds of materials including ebooks, videos, DVDs, CDs, etc.

Becoming a member is free, and you can register in person or online. You'll only need to show an official ID and provide a phone number, which will become your password to access your account online. Being a member will also give you access to the internet and computer services.

The public library is located the second and third floors of the Arts and Culture Centre located at the corner of Allandale Road and the Prince Phillip Parkway, around a 10 min. walk from the University Centre.

For more information, visit.


  • Memorial's chaplaincy: "The mission of Chaplaincy is to provide spiritual guidance, resources, and support for students, faculty and staff at Memorial University." The chaplaincy has "... five Chaplains on campus: Anglican, Pentecostal, Roman Catholic, Salvation Army, and Muslim, who are happy to help people of any faith background."
  • Guide to local religions: information about all religions and places of worship in St. John's and in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Pets and vets

  • Think before you get a pet! Owning a pet is a long-term and emotional commitment: cats often live to be 15 years old, and dogs can live 10 years. Canadians (particularly city dwellers) often treat their pets as full members of the family. To avoid hasty decision-making, many animal adoption facilities will not allow adoptions around Christmas time.
  • The City of St. John's, SPCA, and Newfoundland and Labrador No-Kill Network websites have information about adopting and owning pets.
  • Pet expenses include the cost of spaying/neutering, food, shelter, and veterinary bills.
  • Neutering pets. The City of St. John's has a subsidized spay/neuter program for residents needing financial assistance for this service.
  • For veterinary services, google City of St. John's veterinarian.

Fun stuff

Things to do in St. John's


The Community Garden

The Public Library


Bitters is the Graduates Student Union's Pub on Campus. It is located in Field Hall next to Queens College.

Bitters Pub

Farmers Market

The St. John's Farmers Market is open Saturdays from 9am-2pm at the Lions Club.

Vendor List

St. John's Farmers' Market

Places to visit

St. John's

Outside St. John's



The Avalon Mall on Kenmount Road in St. John's boasts the Scotiabank Theatre St. John's (formerly Cineplex Avalon Mall). Tuesday is discount day, a helpful break on the price of admission for students. Additionally, the Fog City Restaurant, next to the entrance to the cinema, also offers the Dinner & a Show deal, with which you get a general admission movie ticket for $8.50 with the purchase of any meal $11.95 or over.

There is also a small cinema at Mount Pearl Square (on Topsail Road, just beyond the St. John's city limits), the Cineplex Cinemas Mount Pearl. The prices are slightly cheaper than at the Scotiabank Theatre, but the selection of movies is much smaller, there are not as many snack options, and the location is inconvenient for many people, especially if you depend on public transportation. However, sometimes smaller releases that the Scotiabank Theatre does not run will play at this cinema.

MUN Cinema Series

During the fall and winter semesters, the MUN Cinema Series, a not-for-profit operation, screens a film each Wednesday night at 7pm at Scotiabank Theatre St. John's. Tickets go on sale at 6pm on the evening of the screening. The regular admission price is $10.00 and $9.00 for students and seniors. One can also purchase a full season pass ($72.00 regular; $66.00 for students and seniors) or a 6-pass ($45.00 regular; $40.00 for students and seniors). One can find the schedule for screenings at the MUN Cinema Series website,, by joining the MUN Cinema Facebook Group, or by following MUN Cinema on Twitter (@MunCinema).


The Duke of Duckworth

The Duke of Duckworth, usually referred to simply as "The Duke," advertises itself as "The best pub in town," and it is certainly very popular. Located in McMurdo's Lane, just off of Duckworth St. (the official address is 325 Duckworth St.), the Duke boasts a large selection of draught beers, and serves excellent fish 'n chips. The kitchen closes at 8pm, so be sure to go early if you want food! The Duke is also famous for having been featured in the television series The Republic of Doyle.

The Yellowbelly Brewery & Public House

Located at the intersection of George Street and Water Street (the official address is 288 Water St.), the Yellowbelly occupies an 18th-century building, one of the few to survive the Great Fire of 1892. The brewery has four beers in constant production, Wexford Wheat, Yellowbelly Pale Ale, Fighting Irish Red Ale, and St. John's Stout, all of which one can purchase by the pint at the Yellowbelly itself, as well as at O'Reilly's, Bitters, and the St. John's Airport Lounge. Downstairs is the Underbelly, which the restaurant advertises as "Newfoundland's only Speakeasy." It offers a selection of rum, whiskey, port, martinis, cocktails, highballs, wine, and champagne.

The Sprout

The Sprout is a vegetarian restaurant in downtown St. John's, located at 364 Duckworth St., that also offers many vegan and gluten-free meal options. Everything served at the Sprout is made from scratch. It also boasts a local beer menu and a complete wine list.


Poyo is a late-night taco restaurant that operates out of the Sprout (364 Duckworth St.) after the latter closes from Thursday-Saturday. Poyo's hours are: Thursdays, 10pm-3am; Fridays, 11pm-4am, and Saturdays, 11pm-4am. It is exclusively vegetarian (no meat and no fish), instead using TVP (textured vegetable protein, made from soy beans), pinto beans, and black beans. On Thursdays, from 10pm-midnight, there is an open mic event, but otherwise it is take-out only. For the time being, it is also cash only.

The Celtic Hearth

Located at 298 Water St., the Celtic Hearth is a 24-hour restaurant in downtown St. John's. It's a good place to go with friends to share appetizers and to have a few drinks, especially before or after a visit to George Street.

Smoke's Poutinerie

Located at 165 Water St., Smoke's Poutinerie offers a wide range of unique poutines, including Perogy Poutine, Chicken Fajita Poutine, and Veggie Nacho Poutine. On Fridays and Saturdays, Smoke's remains open until 4am, making it a popular spot after a trip to George Street.

Artistic groups

Enjoying the St. John's Campus


On Campus fitness

  • Dance groups on campus, and other hard-to-find opportunities
  • The Works

Off Campus fitness

Newfoundland huh!?

Newfoundland English



Metro bus

  • Metrobus St. John’s
  • The GO bus system (accessible transit) operates in St. John's and Mount Pearl.
  • The Rideshare service (a carpool matching service for the Memorial University community) has been suspended. See the Rideshare page for further details.

Car rental

  • A list of local St. John's car rental companies is available on this Newfoundland and Labrador website.
  • Rental companies often have special deals (e.g., for weekend rates). For example, if you search for 'Budget Car Rental Canada deals', you'll get a page like this one. You can also phone local car rental places to ask about deals.


  • The City of St. John's website has a section listing taxi companies, and their phone numbers.
  • Taxi companies have central locations or business, called "taxi stands". For faster service, find out which taxi company has a stand near where you live, or near where you shop. For example, I used to wait for 20 minutes for a taxi at Sobey's on Torbay Road, until I discovered that Jiffy Cabs had a taxi stand nearby. Then, I only had to wait 5 minutes.

Bus shuttles

  • You can take buses to, from, or in local communities outside of St. John's. A list of such companies is available here.
  • For transportation for places along the Trans-Canada Highway (including Port aux Basques where the Ferry lands), you can take DRL.


  • Information about student parking
  • This needs to be double-checked: After 3:00 p.m., any graduate students can park anywhere on campus (if they have a parking pass).

For parents

Resource centres

There are 7 Resource Centres located in the University Centre building. As described by the Memorial University Students' Union, a resource centre is a safe meeting space, an information and knowledge source, and a peer support network within the university community. The Centres were created out of concern for the needs of students who are historically oppressed and marginalized. Each Centre serves as a peer resource and support centre and has a mandate to challenge oppression and discrimination on campus.

Student Parents' Assistance & Resource Centre (SPARC)

The Student Parents’ Assistance & Resource Centre offers a supportive environment in which students can relax and talk with others who understand the unique experience of parenting while pursuing an education.

Available assistance and resources include:

• Small library of children's books & parenting resources • Use of computers, printer and telephone • Special events for our families • Information about discounts/low cost activities • Low cost snacks and drinks • Coffee (Tea) Houses and Meet & Greets • Opportunities to volunteer and connect with other students • Information on programs and resources for students

The Student Parent’s Assistance & Resource Centre is located in the University Centre on the 6th floor, Room 6012. For further information, email SPARC at:

Students Older than Average (SOTA)

Students Older Than Average is for all mature students attending Memorial University.Our members range from over twenty one to over seventy one. SOTA is a drop-in resource centre and provides computer services, phone/fax access, peer support, and lunchroom services.

Disability information Support Centre (DISC)

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Resource Centre (LGBTQ)

International Students Resource Centre (ISC)

Aboriginal resource centre (ARC)

Woman's Resource Centre (WRC)

Accessibility services

Blundon Centre

The Glenn Roy Blundon Centre (Student Life) was established at Memorial University in February 1992 and is dedicated to the memory of Glenn Roy Blundon, a former Memorial student and resident of Bay de Verde, Newfoundland. Glenn is remembered for his leadership and his commitment to equality and accessibility issues.

The mission of the Blundon Centre is to provide and co-ordinate programs and services that enable students with disabilities to maximize their educational potential and to increase awareness of inclusive values among all members of the university community. We assist students by facilitating access to information, services, and campus facilities in accordance with the university's Policy on Accommodations for Students with Disabilities. The Centre carries out its mission in collaboration with faculty, staff, and students at Memorial University and off-campus agencies, including disability community organizations.

The Centre serves prospective and current students on the university's St. John's campus whose disabilities involve conditions affecting mobility, vision, hearing, learning (disabilities), chronic illnesses, or mental health. Support is also provided to students with documented temporary illnesses and injuries. For more information about the services specific to each campus, please click on the following link: Glenn Roy Blundon Centre for Students with Disabilities